California Student Data Day 2018

Celebrating Student Success Through The Use Of Data

Keynote Speakers

Headshot of keynote speaker, Victoria Bernhardt

Dr. Victoria L. Bernhardt

Education for the Future

Schools can become much more efficient and innovative learning organizations when they use data effectively. When schools use data well, they are able to see which processes are working and which processes are not working to ensure that all students become proficient. This session describes what data are important, why they are important, how to analyze and use all data to know if what you are doing is making a difference.

Headshot of keynote speaker, Hedy Change

Hedy Change

Attendance Works

What does chronic absence data, now available for the first time statewide, reveal about the impact of missing school on educational outcomes? What are the implications of chronic absence for efforts to raise achievement and close the equity gap? How might you prepare for increased accountability for reducing chronic absence? Learn the latest insights about why chronic absence matters and how it can be reduced by taking a data driven, tiered approach that starts with engagement and early intervention​