DataZone now on California Vendor List!

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SCCOE – DataZone is excited to announce that our suite of products is now part of the CITE’s California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA). 


CITE developed the California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA), a partnership with the Access 4 Learning Community's Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). CITE has joined this consortium on behalf of all schools in California.


Resources include a statewide agreement that districts can use to ensure that the vendor is aware of and complies with California's student data privacy laws (CA-NDPA) as well as a searchable database of applications and vendors who have signed the statewide agreement with at least one school or district. This database creates transparency for teachers, parents, and others to determine if an application is compliant. It also creates an inventory of apps being used and a way for teachers to request that a new application be vetted by their organization.


SCCOE products (DataZone, FosterVision, and the School Linked Services App) have been added to the database; this agreement outlines standard data privacy laws that our organization has committed to as well as data security practices around a cybersecurity framework and a data breach incident response protocol.


For questions about this, please reach out to Irina Shacter, Manager of Data Governance