What Data is available in DataZone?

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Overview of DataZone

The DataZone warehouse stores an expansive amount of student data and spans many different types of data points. The purpose of this page is to provide you with the resources and tools to quickly locate the data you need. The data in the warehouse is grouped into roughly 8 data domains: Administration, LCAP, State Assessments, College Assessments, Local Assessments, Reporting, Teachers, and Early Warning (EWIS).  

Here is an Overview of the dashboards available in the warehouse: Dashboard Overview Map.pdf


Full map of DataZone


Below are brief descriptions about the kinds of data and metrics available in each of the domains. For more detailed information about data available in each domain in the warehouse - please see Chapter 3 of the DZ User Guide


The 8 Data Domains

1.  Administration - Data in these dashboards is populated by data pulled from your Student Information System (SIS). The data is automatically refreshed nightly - allowing for near real-time access to student data. 

2. LCAP - Local Control Accountability Plan dashboards include visualizations and calculations for State Assessments, Climate, and College & Career Readiness - all data critical to the development and monitoring of the LCAP.

3. State Assessments - The data available in these dashboards is populated by the state data files available from TOMS and provided to DataZone by the district.

4. College Assessments - There are several dashboards which include College Board assessment data which is broken down by Subject and Demographic dashboard analysis. This data is provided to DataZone via each district (districts obtain the relevant data file and provide it to DZ).

4. Local Assessments - DataZone provides visualization for a variety of commonly used assessment products by districts in our region. For more information on Local Assessments - what dashboards are currently available and how to upload your local assessment data into the warehouse - visit our Local Assessment Overview Page (under construction) or contact us at

5. Reporting - Within the Reporting domain are several large reports and one dynamic report. The Master Rosters are best used when downloaded as excel or csv - as they contain a large amount of data that may not be easily visible in your web browser. The SBA report is a large pdf report, while the Final Marks report is a dynamic comparison style report. These reports include:

  • Student Master Roster - Roster with a wide range of data elements from demographic, language proficiency to assessment scores, grades, and course credit counts.
  • EL Master Roster - Roster with key data elements related English Learners.
  • SBA - The is a pdf-downloadable report which provides a detailed analysis of the Smarter Balanced Assessments in ELA and Math. Please note - this report may take several minutes to load as it contains a very large amount of data.
  • Final Marks Comparison - This is an interactive build-your-own chart comparing final grades/marks data across multiple elements/years.

6. Teachers - The Teachers dashboards are built for teachers. It provides them with easy access to data related to students on his/her roster(s).

7. Early Warning - The Early Warning Indicator System is a set of dashboards which provide just-in-time information on research-based data elements which indicate if a student is at High Risk for negative outcomes.